Why done for you branding is better value than off-the-shelf

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Hair rebrand

My Hair’s had a rebrand! Find out how it just goes to show that done for you branding is better value than off-the-shelf.

I’ve got a gorgeous auburn shiny brown barnet now! Do you like?

check out my new hairMy old hair was making me feel washed out and old 😟 I was even starting to be embarrassed about the state of it and avoiding mirrors. I’d not had time to visit the hairdressers to get it all done ‘properly’, because for me ‘properly done’ took 3 and a half hours. I have A LOT of hair!!!

But every time I’ve tried out an off the shelf hair dye affair, it’s all turned out a bit pants. I always miss a bit, or a lot, I run out of dye because I have a lot of hair and it always looks as if I’ve bought the cheapest hair dye is Poundstretcher I could find. This nearly always resulted in me getting another hair dye for round 2 or booking a hair appointment to get it done properly. Not a classy look.

So, not having the time or having got my arse in gear to get a hairdressers appointment I decided to try out a new type of hair dye online. This one promised to create a special for me hair dye that would take into account my multicoloured, roots down to my ears, current hair colour. It promised that my new hair dye would be created just for me by a stylist who I could contact if I needed to.

I uploaded photos of my hair (cringeworthy at this point). They didn’t laugh! And then sent me through a beautiful package of made for me Hair Dye (called Katherine’s Hair Dye – nice!) with very detailed instructions how to use it to get the exact colour I had chosen online.

What a different experience! I had special gloves, a dye brush like the ones they use at the salon, a skin protector cream, a wipe off any smears on the skin cream, shampoo and conditioner. I’d bought a special dyeing kit that included hair clips, a bowl and everything else I’d need to make this work. I can now give my online stylist feedback on the colour so she knows what to supply next time. Needless to say, I’ve subscribed so I don’t have embarrassing, urgh hair again!

And since then, I’ve been complimented on my new hair by everybody. All were very surprised that I didn’t get it done at a salon! Bingo!!!

You may be wondering why you need the full account of my hair experience. Well, apart from being able to highly recommend the company that creates this lovely hair dye (eSalon), it’s a fantastic story of why off the shelf is more of a quick fix that can go wrong and why done for you can be much better value.

Was the done for you dye more expensive than popping a hair dye from the supermarket in my basket? Yes, but not a lot. And I didn’t run out, I got the result I wanted and didn’t have to go to the salon. Yay!

Grabbing a quick logo or predesigned brand can be great to get you off the ground but it’s not going to get you the results longterm. Throwing something together in Canva for social media is fantastic when building your audience but to up your game, turn them into buying customers and keep you and your message top of mind, it just doesn’t do the job.

I love how my hair dye experience was a mixture of DIY and bespoke. I got exactly what I wanted because it was created for me and I was given the tools and information to make it work.

Every ‘done for you’ branding I create is designed with my client’s business in mind, their audience, their personality, the message they need to shout out to the world.

Every ‘done for you’ website I create is built with SEO (to make the website easy to find) designed around the problems they solve, the results they can get and the answers they can provide.

Every ‘done for you’ website I create is built to make buying simple and easy for their customers.

Every ‘done for you’ website I create is designed to appeal to their ideal customers and match the rest of their gorgeous branding.

AND every client I work with is given the tools to use their own branding and website so they can grow and create spot-on branded marketing for themselves.

Can you buy off the shelf brands and off the shelf website packages? Yes! Is it the same experience? Nope! Get started with off the shelf because getting started is the most important part of business, but don’t limit your potential. Investment in ‘done for you’ is key if you need to grow.

If you need to talk to me about a rebrand, up-levelling your website or both, then reply to this email and we can arrange a chat. Or have a scoot over to my website packages page or get the Whole Kit and Caboodle done for you branding and website page to see what I can do for your business.
In the meantime – I have beautiful hair 🙂

Kat x

Kat Reynolds
Kat Reynolds


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