WordPress Care Plans

I can help you keep your website up to date, secure and doing the job it is supposed to do! 

Just like maintaining your car, it’s crucial to look after your website as part of your monthly marketing routine.

These tasks are SO important to keep your website running as it should and fulfilling it’s role as an important part of your marketing. A lazy, broken website is not going to do anything for your business.

Backing up your database daily
Backing up your files weekly
Updating your software
Checking for security issues
Maintaining a healthy database
Testing loading times
Checking for errors
Searching for broken links ….

WordPress Care Plans

You can do all this yourself. Or you can let me look after it for you with my all-inclusive WordPress care plans if you just want to get on with your business and let your website do its thang

No long contracts – you can cancel anytime

*time does not roll over to the next month. Extra time billed at hourly rate.